Technical audits:-Our technical audit services can concern energy projects under development or existing power plant (thermal: coal & gas, renewable: solar & biomass). Performance of the power plant equipment deteriorates over time. Conducting an energy audit on the equipment and their auxiliaries can help to find out how far their performance has drifted away from design values. A plant energy audit also helps in understanding the present energy consumption pattern (baseline energy consumption), identifying wastage in energy consumption areas, suggesting implementation measures leading to optimum utilization of fuel with cost benefit analysis, thereby improving the plant profitability and reducing in environmental pollution.

We regularly provide technical expertise in the natural gas market, in the power market and in the renewables sector. Our experts and engineers provide comprehensive technical audits of energy assets and power generation equipment.

Our technical service includes, for instance, in the power generation business :-

• Site visit, availability and performance analysis of turbines, equipments

• Assessments of the reliability of the structures :-
  a) Valuation of the track record of each power turbine; review of the records of maintenance, of all repairs and
   inspections that have been performed
  b) Evaluation of the Overall technical availability of the power plant considering their chances likelihood of
   failure, and of the technical lifetime of the overall installation

  • Site visit to identify the risks of turbine breakdown, the level of reliability of the underground cable system and
  the potential needs for replacements of equipment or components.

GTPPL conducts
• Preliminary audit, General/detailed audit, Investment-grade energy audit, Baseline energy

• Advisory service

Energy Audits are carried out for the following :-

  • Power generating stations, Power transmission & distribution systems and Process industries
  • Boiler, turbine and their auxiliaries, Co-generation facilities, Mass and energy balances of process plants
  • Compressed air systems