Working with high professionalism and using the latest diagnostic tools and techniques, our Plant Services staff endeavor to provide total satisfaction of the diverse needs of power plants. For operators, investors and contractors, performance testing is a key step in showing that a plant operates in accordance with the theoretically expected figures. For a new, refurbished or upgraded power plant, performance testing provides evidence that the plant's capacity and / or rate of conversion of fuel into electricity (heat rate) meet the contractually agreed figures.

Destructive testing :-Test methods used for examining materials by breaking down samples in order to determine the material's mechanical properties, such as:-
   • Bend,Break,Tensile,Hardness,Impact test and Micro and Macro examination

Non-destructive testing :-Test methods used for examining materials without destroying the serviceability of the same, such as:-
   • Visual inspection, Hardness measurement, Dye penetrant test and Magnetic particle inspection.
   • Ultrasonic shear wave inspection, Ultrasonic thickness measurement, Ultrasonic hydrogen scale measurement.
   • Etching for seam weld locations, Radiography, Metallography and Production of in-situ replicas.
   • In-situ oxide scale thickness, Eddy current testing, In-situ chemical analysis,Tube sample evaluations.
   • Remote internal visual examination, Natural frequency measurement, Steam path audit,and Boroscopy.

Electrical testing:-Electrical testing is undertaken to address issues such as lightning strike, system overload, short circuits, and internal factors such as insulation deterioration, winding failure, overheating, and the presence of oxygen, moisture, and solids in electrical components. Some of the major tests are:
  • DC high-voltage test for stator windings, IR value, polarization index (PI), Tan delta and ELCID test.
  • ELCID test (Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection test)
  • RSO test (Digital Recurrent Surge Oscillograph test)
  • Power transformers (transformer winding / insulating oil / paper insulation, On-load tap changer [OLTC)
  • Furan test, DC resistance