Energy Efficient Renovation & Modernization (EE R&M) and Life Extension (LE) of existing old units have been accepted worldwide as an effective option to increase output and improve efficiency at an optimum cost-benefit ratio.

GTPPL provides R&M design consultancy services to attain increased efficiency and enhanced life of the unit with reduced emission to meet environmental Standards and requirements. R&M design consultancy is aimed at various aspects of undertaking R&M and is based on results of condition assessment checks, non destructive tests and destructive tests and efficiency measurements/energy audits. Detailed Project Reports (DPR) are prepared for various Options, including financial analyses.

Renovation, Modernization :-

  • Energy audit,Preparation of detailed project report (DPR) for R&M.

  • Preparation of technical specifications for selection of R&M implementation contractor

  • Evaluation of bids as Owner’s Engineers, Assistance to the Owner in contract awarding procedures for
  performance of R&M works

  • Implementation support consultancy for R&M work, Project Management,Site Management, Supervision of   performance guarantee tests

Our approach and methodology for EE R&M :-

  • Hot and cold walk down surveys, Review of plant history and operation records

  • Visual inspection of components / equipment / structures / foundations

  • Non-destructive testing, Destructive testing on samples, Conducting of energy audit/PET

  • Evaluation and analysis of results, Root cause analysis, Cost benefit analysis

  • Conformance to applicable codes and standards, Recommendations